msterdam, Netherlands, 2024-04-22

Summary of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024


The Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 international trade fair, held April 16-19, showcased upcoming innovations within the traffic and mobility sector bringing together 800+ exhibitors from around the world. Neurosoft’s advanced artificial intelligence-based traffic management system proved to be popular amongst attendees in the upcoming AI marketplace, which promises revolutionary improvements in urban mobility and safety.

Intertraffic Amsterdam, the leading global event for the traffic and mobility industry, featured brand new innovations and technologies this year. The fair attracted a wide array of industry leaders, experts and enthusiasts from around the world within the traffic management and intelligent mobility sector. Intertraffic brought together over 800 exhibitors, showcasing a wide array of technology, products and services aiming to improve urban mobility, safety and efficiency.

Neurosoft’s booth has attracted substantial attention with our latest innovations in AI and machine-learning based solutions for traffic management. Our advanced optimization systems showed how we revolutionize how cities handle traffic jams and improve the overall flow of urban traffic and transportation. Our technologies not only reduce travel times and therefore harmful emissions, but also improve road safety by anticipating and mitigating potential traffic incidents.

In addition to Neurosoft, Intertraffic Amsterdam showcased many other innovative solutions, including smart infrastructure, autonomous vehicles and sustainable transportation options.

The event highlighted the industry’s commitment to using technology to create smarter, more efficient and greener urban environments. Interactive sessions, live demonstrations and expert panels provided attendees with valuable insight into the latest trends and future directions of the traffic and mobility sector. The trade show proved to be an ideal platform to network, share knowledge and show the transformative power of innovation in the traffic and mobility industry. Neurosoft’s own contributions were a testament to the rapid advancements in intelligent traffic solutions, marking a significant step forward in the quest for smarter cities and improved quality of life for urban residents worldwide.

We would like to sincerely thank all the guests who visited us at our booth. We hope to see you again in two years at Intertraffic 2026.