Radom, 2021-06-15

Red light tests for GITD


At the temporarily closed Warsaw-Radom airport, tests of systems for vehicle red-light violations took place. The tests were organized by the GITD’s Center for Automatic Supervision of Road Traffic (CANARD). The purpose of the tests, which four companies signed up for, was to practically verify the functional and quality requirements that devices recording this type of offences must meet.

The tests were organized by CANARD as part of the procurement procedure for the contract “Supply and installation of 30 devices for recording traffic signal disobedience offenses at intersections” (BDG.ZPB.072.9.2020). The tests took place in Radom, from June 15-16, 2021.

Equipment from the four vendors competing in the tender was installed on a specially prepared testing ground. Among other things, the tests consisted of verifying the behavior of the detection devices in nine different test cases, both during the day and at night. In total, more than 500 test runs were made for each device.

The test results are an important part of the evaluation of the bids submitted in the proceedings. The results as well as the outcome of the proceedings are expected about a month after the completion of the tests.