A catalogue of our products and solutions

Vehicle Counting

System for automatic detection and classification of vehicles using embedded loop inductors in the road surface. The system detects the presence of a vehicle in the measurement field and determines its magnetic signature, which is used to identify the type of vehicle (according to the TLS 8+1 classification), its speed, direction of movement, and lane. […]

Vehicle Identification

System for automatic detection and identification of vehicles based on license plate recognition (ANPR) and manufacturer and model version recognition (MMR). The system operates using only the video stream from a camera positioned at the front or rear of the vehicle. It automatically detects the presence of a vehicle in the video stream and generates a complete […]

Access Control

System for controlling the entry of vehicles into a secure area, which utilizes license plate numbers for identification. The system is installed at the entrance gates and consists of a camera, a computer, and control software for opening the barrier. The barrier opens automatically upon detecting a vehicle entering with a license plate number that is […]

Restricted Area

An access control system for a restricted area that is designed to automatically detect vehicles without authorization. The system solely relies on cameras, identifying authorized vehicles based on their license plate numbers. Upon detecting an unauthorized vehicle, the system promptly generates a notification and documents the event in the form of a digital violation record. The definition of […]

Traffic Monitoring

System for measurement, monitoring, and visualization of vehicle traffic. The system utilizes ANPR cameras connected to a cloud-based central application. The cameras perform license plate identification as well as classification into four categories (passenger car, delivery van, truck, bus), estimation of current speed, direction of movement, and recognition of the vehicle’s country of origin. As a result, […]

Spots Parking

System for measurement and visualization of occupancy in urban parking lots, operating by determining the availability of individual parking spaces. Magnetic parking sensors embedded in the pavement or intelligent IoT cameras mounted on existing structures (e.g., lighting poles) can be used for vehicle detection. Data from the sensors are transmitted wirelessly to a cloud-based central application. […]

Indoor Parking

System detection and visualization of indoor parking lot occupancy, operating on the principle of detecting the occupancy of individual parking spots. The system is designed for operation in indoor environments (garages in buildings). IoT smart cameras are used to detect vehicles, which can also identify each vehicle – by recognizing its license plate. Data from […]

Trucks Parking

System for measuring and visualizing the occupancy of truck parking lots, operating on the principle of accumulating the arrivals and departures of vehicles. The system is adapted for operation at highway parking lots. The key element of the system is a special set of sensors (cameras and lidars), for vehicle detection, determination of its type (truck, […]