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System for automatic detection and weighing of vehicles in motion. The system utilizes a special arrangement of sensors (inductive loops, pressure sensors) installed in the road surface. This arrangement is designed in such a way that vehicles can be weighed without the need to stop or slow down – they can travel at normal driving speed. As a result, the system can be installed on public roads and is capable of monitoring the weight of each passing vehicle. Depending on the sensor setup, the weighing accuracy ranges from ±10% (WIM-S/statistics), ±7% (WIM-P/preselection), to ±5% (WIM-E/enforcement).

  • NeuroCar
  • Systems
  • Weigh-in-Motion
  • Version 4.1.3
  • 2023-05-05
  • pro-ncar-sys-wim-04
WIM Technology
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