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ANPR technology (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is used for the automatic reading of vehicle registration numbers from images. This technology, developed by Neurosoft, enables not only the automatic detection of the license plate in the image and reading of the number but also the determination of the country of origin and the type of plate indicating the type of vehicle (e.g., civilian, military, police). In the case of video stream analysis, based on tracking all visible plates, the algorithm allows for determining the direction, trajectory, and lane of each vehicle. The technology is based on various deep neural network models that have been optimized to operate on embedded devices, such as intelligent cameras with neuronal hardware accelerator. ANPR is natively implemented on various hardware platforms (Intel x86 SSE, ARM neon, NVIDIA Jetson) and operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android).

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  • Version 4.0.0
  • 2022-10-15
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